• Paper Importers Association: Carrying more than 3/4 of imported papers from Korea & China.
  • Car Manufacturers: carrying cargos from, Japan, China, Korea and Europe
  • Jam Petrochemical: carrying all products (solid and liquid) to approx.  1,500,000 Tons
  • Arya Sasool Petrochemical: carrying polyethylene approx. 800,000 Tons
  • Mehr Petrochemical: carrying polyethylene approx. 200,000 Tons
  • Abad Rahan Pars: carrying more than 500 workshop equipment
  • Azar Simab: carrying more than 500 workshop equipment, pipes and connection
  • Arya Naft Shahab: carrying 3000 workshop equipment and appliances
  • Alam Sanat:  Carrying structure and beams
  • IPMI: carrying metal, pipes, connections and structure approx. 300,000 Tons
  • Petrosina: carrying metal, beams, from Khatam headquarters, phase 22, 24 and 19 approx. 250,000 Tons
  • Gama: carrying pipes, connections, timber and workshop equipment approx. 5,000,000 Tons